Whitepaper Profile: CRM and Social Media: Maximizing Deeper Customer Relationships

Research on social media use and adoption provides one of the fundamental building blocks for data-based decision-making. The following is a profile of a recently released research report from Avanade.

Date Published: September 2008

Source: Avanade “A global IT consultancy dedicated to using the Microsoft platform to help enterprises achieve profitable growth.”

This Avanade whitepaper is aimed at a corporate audience and is based on phone interviews with over 540 representatives from top-500 firms in 17 countries.

Key Findings:

Engaging with social computing is not on the agenda for 59% of the companies interviewed. The most major barrier to adoption is security concerns, followed by fears of using unproven technologies and apathy on the part of senior management.

Avanade also notes the business impact of social media technologies, including improved perception of the company as forward looking, improved customer service, and decreased response time for customer support issues.

Data  quality:

The details of the methodology and sample are not fully explicated and the range of those interviewed suggests that the respondent may not have full knowledge of social media strategy throughout the organization.

In particular, for the section focusing on business impact and benefits to customers, it is unclear if those findings are based on perceptions from the entire sample or from only the minority actually employing social media in their workplace. The latter would presumably have a better knowledge of the value of such tools.

The paper attempts to provide comparisons across countries and regions, but the number of interviews within each region is not clear and thus the representativeness of such comparisons may be called into question.

Uses of this data to inform decision-making:

  • Increased understanding of barriers to social media adoption
  • Increased understanding of the competitive argument for social media adoption
  • Increased understanding of the perception of social media value in the corporate workplace

Access the full paper

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